AeroDirections works closely with Gael, Ltd. in East Kilbride, Scotland to align, present and implement the Gael suite of software solutions addressing Safety, Quality and Compliance Management, Risk Management and Enterprise Safety Performance Management.

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The Q-Pulse system from Ideagen Plc, a U.K. company, is a best-in-class solution for managing the information underpinnings of your Safety Management System (SMS) or Quality Management System (QMS). Q-Pulse is highly configurable, providing nearly limitless ability to adapt it to your operating environment, terminology, processes and procedures.

Working with Ideagen, AeroDirections assists aviation and aerospace companies throughout North, Central and South America in the evaluation and acquisition of Q-Pulse as well as providing Q-Pulse implementation support and training services.

AeroDirections Professional Services Consultants have completed nearly three dozen Q-Pulse engagements since 2011, addressing the needs of:

  • National, Regional and Low-Cost Air Carriers (U.S. and Caribbean)
  • 14CFR Part 91/91k/135 and OTAR Part 125 Operators (U.S., Canada, South America)
  • 14CFR Part 145 and EASA Part 145 Repair Stations and OEM Factory Service Centers
  • Fixed Base Operators (FBO) and Ground Service Providers

AeroDirections has developed specific expertise in the application of Q-Pulse in support of air carrier ASAP programs in replacement of the FAA’s WBAT system as well as in the interfacing Q-Pulse with the FAA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) and Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program.

If you have a need for an information management system to support your SMS and/or QMS programs, contact us to discuss how Q-Pulse might meet those needs. Heavy privacy and security concerns? Q-Pulse can be operated entirely within your private IT environment or in a private or public cloud environment.


Underlying every effective Safety Management System (SMS) is a thorough understanding of the Hazards and Risks that are present in the business along with well effective Risk Controls to manage risk to an acceptable level (As Low As Reasonably Practicable – ALARP), also referred to as the Acceptable Level of Safety (ALoS).

While we often find effective programs for reporting and managing errors and events in aviation organizations, the “Hazard Register” that is addressed in the ICAO Safety Management Manual (SMM – Doc 9859) and in FAA guidance often remains elusive. This raises a critical question…how do we know where to focus our efforts? Usually, we find the answer is “Whatever was reported most recently!”.

With this in mind. AeroDirections has evaluated numerous methodologies and tools to assist organizations in establishing a clear understanding of their Hazards, Risks and Controls as well as ways of gaining insights into new issues that must be dealt with in the organization (Continuous Improvement).

Two particular approaches that we like are the ARMS (Aviation Risk Management Solutions) Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) and the BowTie Risk Assessment Methodology. ARMS provides a clear process for evaluating event-based risks as well as performing safety assessments for existing or changing parts of the organization through its Event Risk Classification (ERC) and Safety Issue Risk Assessment (SIRA) processes.

Coupling the ARMS approach with BowTie which provides a scenario-based qualitative analysis and visualization tool provides a highly effective means of addressing Risk across the organization.

AeroDirections has formal relationships with Ideagen Plc. (UK) to provide and implement the Q-Pulse Risk solution for multi-site, enterprise risk management needs and CGE Risk Management Solutions (Netherlands) to provide and implement the BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP products in the aviation market.


Enabling enterprise-wide visibility, monitoring and control of your safety performance.

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