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Information Solutions

AeroDirections has over 10 years experience providing implementation and training services for the Ideagen Coruson and Q-Pulse Risk, Quality, and Safety Management software products, building a wealth of knowledge working with these types of enterprise-class software tools.

Software companies are very good at showing you how to implement their software following generic designs and layouts but often lack the knowledge of industry-specific needs that are required to achieve solid return on investment from your selected software product.

AeroDirections has experience determining design requirements and implementation plans to support specific aviation, aerospace, and defense risk, safety, quality and compliance requirements. Our experience includes implementations in:

  • More than 30 airlines
  • Five continents
  • Large-scale MRO facilities in North America, Central America, Europe, and Asia
  • Aircraft manufacturers and tier-1 through tier-3 contractors and subcontractors.

Specialized areas where we have added value to implementations include adapting them to support:

  • ASAP Programs
  • LOSA Programs
  • Integration to FAA ASRS and ASIAS systems
  • Supplier Quality Management Programs

Are you looking to implement a state-of-the-art Risk, Safety, Quality, and Compliance management system? Contact us first to discuss important considerations prior to launching into a software selection process.

Risk Management

Underlying every effective Safety Management System (SMS) is a thorough understanding of the Hazards and Risks that are present in the business along with well effective Risk Controls to manage risk to an acceptable level. 

While we often find effective programs for reporting and managing errors and events in aviation organizations, the "Hazard Register" that is addressed in the ICAO Safety Management Manual (SMM - Doc 9859) and in FAA guidance often remains elusive. This raises a critical question...how do we know where to focus our efforts? Usually, we find the answer is "Whatever was reported most recently!".

With this in mind, AeroDirections has evaluated numerous methodologies and tools to assist organizations in establishing a clear understanding of their Hazards, Risks and Controls as well as ways of gaining insights into new issues that must be dealt with in the organization (Continuous Improvement).

Two particular approaches that we like are the ARMS (Aviation Risk Management Solutions) Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) and the BowTie Risk Assessment Methodology. ARMS provides a clear process for evaluating event-based risks as well as performing safety assessments for existing or changing parts of the organization through its Event Risk Classification (ERC) and Safety Issue Risk Assessment (SIRA) processes.

Coupling the ARMS approach with BowTie which provides a scenario-based, qualitative analysis and visualization tool, provides a highly effective means of addressing Risk across the organization.

AeroDirections has a formal relationship with CGE Risk Management Solutions (Netherlands) to provide and implement the BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP products in the aviation market.

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