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  • Providing Guidance and Direction in Risk, Safety, Quality and Compliance

  • Reducing Risk & Improving Safety Performance in Ground Operations

  • Reducing Maintenance Errors, Rework & Injuries in MRO Operations

  • Improving Operational Safety Performance

  • Addressing Mission-Specific Risks in Rotorcraft Operations

  • Demonstrating Competency Through IS-BAO Registration

  • Managing Risk to an Acceptable Level With BowTie Risk Management

Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) 
Hazard Analysis, Bowtie Risk Management

SMS Implementation & Training

Safety training, safety audit, and consulting services to assist you in implementing and advancing your Aviation Safety Management System. Hazard Analysis, safety training, IS-BAO and HAI safety audits, Bowtie analysis and management software experience.

Bowtie Risk Management Services

AeroDirections is skilled in the use of the Bowtie Method for risk management in the aviation and aerospace industry. We can assist you in developing your safety risk management program, training your personnel, and providing tools and facilitation sessions. We are an official partner with CGE Risk Management, provider of the BowTieXP family of tools.

Safety Audits (IS-BAO, HAI, Custom)

AeroDirections auditors are accredited by the International Business Aircraft Council for IS-BAO Stage 1-3, fixed-wing and rotorcraft audits. We are also accredited by the Helicopter Association International to perform special missions audits under the Accreditation Program of Safety (HAI-APS).

Operations And Safety Manual Development

Safety and Operations Manuals

AeroDirections is skilled in the creation, update, and maintenance of Flight Operations Manuals and Safety Manuals meeting IS-BAO and EASA Part NCC requirements.
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