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Bowtie Risk Management

Bowtie Risk Management

Underlying every effective Safety Management System (SMS) is a thorough understanding of the Hazards and Risks that are present in the business along with well designed, effective Risk Controls to manage risk to an acceptable level. 

While we often find effective programs for reporting and managing errors and events in aviation organizations, the "Hazard Register" that is addressed in the ICAO Safety Management Manual (SMM - Doc 9859) and in FAA guidance often remains elusive. This raises a critical question...how do we know where to focus our efforts? Usually, we find the answer is "Whatever was reported most recently!".

With this in mind, AeroDirections has evaluated numerous methodologies and tools to assist organizations in establishing a clear understanding of their Hazards, Risks and Controls as well as ways of gaining insights into new issues that must be dealt with in the organization (Continuous Improvement).

We have identified the Bowtie Risk Assessment Methodology as an appropriate approach for most aviation organizations to design, monitor, and manage the risk management activities related to their safety (SMS) and quality (QMS) programs.

Bowtie provides a highly visual means to evaluate hazards and analyze and assess them for their associated risk.

AeroDirections has a formal value-added partner relationship with Wolters Kluwer (Netherlands) to provide and implement their Bowtie Suite of products in the aviation industry throughout the Americas. The Bowtie Suite consists of:

  • BowTieXP Enterprise
  • BowTieXP Complete (includes AuditXP)
  • BowTieXP Standard, and
  • IncidentXP

BowTieXP Enterprise

BowTieXP Enterprise provides a server-based capability to centralize risk management across large organizations, aggregate and store risk information for all levels of the organization while providing dynamic monitoring and management of risk across the entire organization. This system provides extensive access and permission controls to allow the appropriate people across your organization to access and maintain your risk models and data while also allowing you to limit access to only the information appropriate to their individual roles and organization.

While the Bowtie models are central to BowTieXP Enterprise, this system also extends into the recording of observations and incidents, assigning and tracking of actions, auditing of controls and control effectiveness, detailed analysis of incidents and accidents, and much more.

While operating at an enterprise-scale, BowTieXP Enterprise can be conveniently provided as a cloud-based service or operated on-premise as a standalone environment within the confines of your IT infrastructure.

Download BowTieXP Server Brochure

BowTieXP Complete

BowTieXP Complete is the Windows-desktop modeling tool containing all of the basic and advanced features of BowTieXP plus the integrated capabilities of AuditXP for evaluation and reporting of your control effectiveness. This toolset contains many advanced features to support deep detailed analysis of your risk environment and managing or consolidating models across small teams of risk users.

Download BowTieXP Complete Brochure

BowTieXP Standard

BowTieXP Standard provides all of the Windows-desktop modeling capability necessary to get started using the Bowtie Methodology as a member of a work team of an individual risk analyst in a smaller organization.

Download BowTieXP Standard Brochure


IncidentXP provides the advanced capabilities of model and analyze accidents and incidents while taking advantage of the barrier-based approach provided by Bowtie. Analysis includes developing timelines of events leading to and following an accident or incident, organized by various participants in the event. Events can also be integrated with controls (barriers) provided in the Bowtie diagram to demonstrate and document the relationship between events and controls, providing the basis for detailed analysis of missing or ineffective risk controls. Used in conjunction with BowTieXP Complete, custom analysis method plugins are provided to apply techniques such as TriPod Beta, BSCAT, and Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA) to the deep detailed analysis of barrier failures.

Download IncidentXP Brochure

BowTieXP software for visual risk assessment
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