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IS-BAO Auditing

AeroDirections provides IS-BAO Stage I, II or III audits through our IBAC-accredited IS-BAO auditors. Each auditor is approved by IBAC to audit both fixed wing and rotorcraft operators and holds dual approvals for both flight operations and maintenance. It is important to note that AeroDirections maintains aviation professional services liability coverage for all of our services, something you should expect (and verify) from any auditor you choose.

IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate

AeroDirections can assist you with implementing the International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) in your aviation operations.

Services include:

  • Planning your IS-BAO implementation approach
  • Training your team on the IS-BAO requirements
  • Performing gap assessments
  • Leading implementation work sessions and progress reviews
  • Drafting or modifying your operations manuals to meet IS-BAO standards
  • Preparing for your audit
  • Selecting your IS-BAO Auditor

Planning Your IS-BAO Implementation Approach

One of the first questions we often encounter is "How do we get started?". Once you've made the decision to implement the IS-BAO in your organization, there are a few key steps to getting started:

  1. Purchase a copy of the IS-BAO through NBAA or your regional equivalent organization
  2. Organize your implementation team - Who will lead the effort? How will your staff participate?
  3. Establish goals. Think "SMART" - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely
  4. Conduct an "inventory" of your current safety program and operational documentation. What elements do you already have in place that will apply to your IS-BAO effort? What training has already been completed? Who has taken specific safety training that can be leveraged?
  5. Make a plan based on your goals and stick to it!
  6. Address cultural issues up front. This is not just "additional work" stacked on top of everyone's already busy schedules...this is an important part of everyone's job. Does it need added to job descriptions? Is it perceived as important? Will it be included in performance reviews?
  7. Communicate, communicate, communicate...Execute, execute, execute!

We know schedules are busy. That's why we offer assistance in planning and augmenting your implementation project team.

Training Your Team on The IS-BAO Requirements

IBAC offers one-day training sessions in locations around the world. This is a good start, but we take it a step further by relating the IS-BAO to your specific operations and procedures. Today's modern flight departments and charter operators already have a wealth of knowledge, procedures and documentation that will apply to your IS-BAO journey. Through on-site working sessions with your team, we will help "connect the dots" from your current operations to the IS-BAO and help the full team understand how you will successfully implement the IS-BAO.

Performing Gap Assessments

Did you ever take a practice exam before taking the real thing? Not only does it mentally prepare you for the actual test, but identifies areas of weakness, or "gaps" in our knowledge or experience. That is what an IS-BAO Gap Assessment is...an unofficial "audit" against the requirements of the IS-BAO, designed to acclimate your team to the idea of being "audited" and searching out "gaps" in your current processes, training and documentation that would be flagged in an IS-BAO audit as "findings".

Leading Implementation Work Sessions And Progress Reviews

Have you ever heard someone say, "nothing happens without a deadline"? Scheduling implementation working sessions and progress reviews, facilitated by an experienced IS-BAO project leader, can make all the difference when it comes to implementing the IS-BAO in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Preparing For Your Audit

How do you choose the "right" auditor for your IS-BAO Registration Audit and how can you be best prepared for a successful outcome? Location and cost are considerations, but cultural and experience match are much more important. From identifying and sourcing your auditor to preparing the team for the actual audit and monitoring the audit on your behalf, we can help make your audit experience positive.

PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with IBAC Policy and auditing best practices, we will not perform audits for organizations for whom we have provided implementation services. In these cases, we will be happy to refer you to independent audit organizations that meet our high ethics and quality standards.

HAI Accreditation Program of Safety (HAI-APS)

Do your operations include helicopter flight activities? The Helicopter Association International (HAI) now offers their Accreditation Program of Safety (APS) program to take your safety to a higher level. APS offers an enhanced audit standard above and beyond the IS-BAO that includes Helicopter Mission Specific Standards (HMSS) for the following 13 mission profiles:

  • Aerial Application
  • Aerial Filming or Photography
  • Air Tour
  • Airborne Law Enforcement
  • Corporate and VIP Transportation
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • External Load and Heavy Lift
  • Flight Training
  • Heli-Skiing
  • Helicopter Air Ambulance
  • Offshore Operations
  • Pipeline and Power Line
  • Wildlife Management and Mustering

AeroDirections is accredited to perform APS audits. For further details on the HAI-APS program, see https://rotor.org/resources/hai-safety-accreditation-program/ .

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